Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate
  • Owhanake Bay Estate


We believe that caring for our environment is an important responsibility. Our luxury accommodation reflects this philosophy. We aim to minimise our negative impact on the environment.

Christy is currently completing her masters degree in environmental education and runs her own business 'Pateke - educational solutions for a sustainable future'.

Christy writes a blog about our gardens, vineyard and orchards at IslandGardening.

Organic Gardens:

We are developing our gardens with the eventual aim of being self-sufficient in organic fruit and vegetables. We currently have organic herb, vegetable and berry gardens, and a citrus and stone fruit orchard. We use this fruit for guest suites where possible, otherwise we buy organic fruit for our own use as well as stocking the guest rooms.


Our hens provide eggs for guest breakfasts, and we raise our own ducks. We produce our own honey, and provide most of our own vegetables. Where needed we source locally grown organic seasonal produce as available for both guest breakfasts and our own use.

Water and Energy:

We aim to use our water and energy consciously and wisely. We collect and maintain our own water supply using rainwater from our roof and also have a water bore. We use energy efficient options and appliances where possible.

Guest Room Products:

We provide environmentally friendly, natural and safe products in our guest rooms. We source our soaps, shampoo, conditioner and hand and body lotions from two New Zealand companies: the Eco Store and Living Nature. Both of these companies use all natural ingredients in their products.

Natural Environment:

Half of our property is planted in native bush, which is now about 15 years old. We actively protect and enhance this bush by removing pest plants and animals. This is an ongoing job! We also belong to ‘Waiheke Weedbusters’, a volunteer group dedicated to weed removal.


Waste is kept to a minimum by reducing, reusing, and recycling. We buy in bulk and choose products that have minimal packaging. Plastic, glass and tins are collected for recycling. Paper and card are reused under mulch on our property. All food waste is put in our worm farm or composted for use on gardens.


We believe in participating in and supporting our community, both local and international. We contribute to several organisations, including The Spirit of Adventure Trust, Amnesty International, Waiheke Weedbusters, and Fossil Bay Kindergarten.

Travel-related Carbon Emissions:

We choose to offset our carbon emissions from personal air travel by purchasing carbon credits from wind farms and native forest regeneration projects, via www.carbonzero.co.nz. This New Zealand web site includes an emissions calculator for air travel.


We use environmentally friendly products, again sourced from Eco Store.

You can be sure that your stay here will have minimal negative impact on this truly beautiful place.